All New Spindle

Built with super-high precision and efficiency in mind, the all new Chin Hui Sheng spindle shaper will provide a competitive edge for your shaping operations.


High Precision, High Rigidity HSK, Spindle

01 The spindle is supported by P4 class precision angular contact ball bearings with superior radial and axial loading capacity.
02 The high spindle speed effectively upgrades machining efficiency and workpiece surface finish.
03 The spindle accommodates a tool holder for shaper and router.

Tool Holder
Knocking Device

The holder clamping and releasing are actuated by an air cylinder. This provides quick tool change in only tool change in only seven seconds.

all-new-spindle Router Bit Holder(optional)
ER-32 Collect(accuracy 5)

Pneumatic Controlled Cutter Holder Lock/Unlock

  • The quick cutter holder lock/unlock provides added convenience for cutter holder changeover.
  • An identification lamp is provided for indicating tool holder lock/unlock condition. When the cutter holder is well locked, the indication lamp lights on. When the cutter holder i unlocked, the indication lamp extinguishes.
all-new-spindle Shaper Cutter