Quality Tests

Dependability Through Comprehensive Tests

Spindle Test Report

Thermal displacement Dynamic balance Noise level
under 25mm under G1 under 7BdB

Continuous running test for 72 hours
Spindle test conducted in a controlled room temperature environment.
Spinel Air Blast

Before the too holder is clamped, an air blast cleans the spindle taper, ensuring high circularity accuracy of tool hold and cutting too.handyhülle aesthetichttps://www.downtownshawnee.org/other-shawnee-destinations/illradsoc.org

Reversible Spindle Rotation

The spindle is reversible to ensure safe rotation in clockwise and counter-clockwise and counter-clockwise direction as well as providing the ability to climb cut glued panels.


Hsk63f spindle specifications:

Tool Rest Face O.D. Spindle Nose I.D. Tool Drawing Force Taper
63 mm 38.4 mm 11kn 1:10

Spindle Speed / Frequency Diagram